Prayer for God’s Provision and Employment

by Dawn (Katy, Texas)

Lord I recall the many times you have come to my aid and provided for me and those who are in my care. Lord I stand in great need for your provision. I am in great financial debt and without employment.

Lord please intercede on my behalf I implore you to grant me employment earing enough money to pay my debts and provide for my family with a safe home, food, clothing and to share with those in need. I humbly and specifically request employment in a safe and amicable work environment with a short commute, where I excel and receive promotion, one that allows me to be a full time mom, present and available for my children, employment that exceeds my expectation, one where my God given talents are used to grow me and the company.

God, please absolve my debts while I am unemployed and continue to meet my familys financial and shelter needs. Amen!

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