Prayer For God’s Presence in Our Lives and Marriage

(United States)

Lord, I confess that I am a sinner, and can do nothing without you. I need you in all areas of my life. My husband & I are not perfect. We have both let our selfish pride, stubborness, a foolishness interfere with our better judgement until we have, hopefully all but, ruined our relationship.

I am not sure if he is doubting his love for me or if he is somehow convinced he isn’t enough for me & simply trying to spare me, but he is thinking about giving up on us and our marriage. With your your love & guidance, Lord, I know that our love can be brought back to an even more perfect state than the day we stood before you vowing our love & commitment to each other.

Though we let you down & are undeserving… I stand here asking in Jesus name that you forgive us both & guide my husband, & I back into each other’s loving arms. He & I will not always agree, but I promise that I will always look to you for guidance in all matters rather than allowing my own stubborn pride & foolishness to interfere with the love we swore to protect & nurture till death do us part.

Lord I pray that you are listening & will intervene so he and I will once again & forever be as one. In Jesus name I pray Therefore what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. Amen <3