Prayer for God’s Plans to be Reveal for a Home

by Kimberly (San Jose, CA USA)

Dear God – Since the fire that devastated our home, we have been struggling with homelessness. We really need a place to live and need to find a home that has the richness in what you have planned for us. Please help your timing be our timing. We don’t have anywhere to go after February 15th. Please help the wheels be put into motion for a home that is safe for my disabled mother and mentally ill brother. Help us have some peace and privacy from so many others that judge. Help me rest and be a peace when I walk out the door that there will be peace when I arrive at home. Help us all tolerate one another with this new leadership in USA. Dear Lord, I have been not able to sleep due to panic attacks, help me have happiness again and have desires and hopes. I feel lonely lost and hopeless…yet I know you are always there. I beg you to help me find the way to your way for us. We love and trust your guidance for our life. Please give me hope for the future. Love Kimberly