Prayer for God’s mercy and grace

I am unemployed and unable to get a job. I MAY have a job interview this week, and I really want to get an offer. I fear that God is not allowing me to get a job because I am overweight and gluttonous. Please ask God to have mercy on me and allow me to get this job (if it is His will for me). Please also ask that Jesus sit with me while I interview and that the Holy Spirit guides the words I say. Please blind the men interviewing me to my appearance (my weight and my age). Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. I am with you

    I find myself in a very similar situation. I will pray for you today. I have empathy with you. I am seeking God right here at home, and am so blessed to have the full support of my loving wife…a marvelous gift from God.

  2. Love Yourself

    Please don’t be so hard on yourself. God loves us all, and we are perfect exactly as we are. I understand your frustration because I also am unemployed. Something that may help you is to watch The Secret movie, you can see parts of it on YouTube. Also, Dr. Wayne Dyer may help you with positive thinking. I pray for the best outcome to prevail in your situation. God bless you.

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