Prayer for God’s Mercy and Grace and that I will become Debt Free.

by Wife and Mom in Despair ()

Dear God, I pray that you forgive me for all of the mistakes I’ve made with the finances you’ve blessed me with. I should be in a much better position than I am financially and it saddens me. My job is about to end, and I am not financially ready for early retirement. My husband and children trust me to make the right decisions and these last couple of years, I’ve been lazy and did not pay our bills as I should. Our car was repossessed and now, the house is in foreclosure and I see no end in sight. God, you have saved me from so many financial pitfalls in the past, for me to make a mockery of your blessings and return to the same sinful behavior. Lord, I know you are with me, everyday you give me signs that you are with me, but, this time feels different. God if we lose this house, you already know, my husband will leave me and I will lose the respect of my children. I pray that my husband and children are not harmed by my actions. Lord, you’ve been so good to me. You have truly given me everything I’ve prayed for. I apologize for taking your Grace and Mercy for granted. Please forgive me. Lord, I am a different person now. These trials have brought me closer to you and I sincerely pray that you have Mercy upon me once again to pay off my debts and save our home. I’m not worthy. I’m truly not. But, I pray that you give me one more chance and trust and believe, you will get ALL the Praise and All the Glory, and my primary goal in life will be to bring more souls to your Kingdom. I pray that you give me the platform to Uplift you!!! Time is of the Essence Lord Jesus. Please hear my Prayer. Forgive for my laziness, forgive me for taking you for granted, forgive me for my sin, I surrender God. Have your will and your way. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN!!

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