Prayer for God’s Guidance

by Lesley (United States)

Dear lord, Please bless my children, myself and all my family with a long healthy life and keep us all safe as we travel. Please Lord give me a sign and lead me in the right path, I have made many mistakes that has changed my life and family’s life forever. I am not a bad person, all’s I want to do is help people an any way I can.

Please help me get a job that is in helping people, let me get just enough money to replace my savings and bring it back up please. If you could bring more that would be great. I want to pay my parents back for all the money they have ever given me, plus some. I want to be able to pay off this house and fix it up then decide what is best to do with it. I need your help in that as well Lord. I am needing to replace the car as well, and I want to go back to school and finish, please help me be able to do this and pass all the classes Lord.

I don’t want to sound selfish but if you can help me out with all of this and show me witch what I need to do I will do it. I am wanting to start this new chapter of my life off in the right direction of the sake of my children and my self. Thank you oh Lord, Amen

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