Prayer for God to Take Away the Bad Things

by Marg (New York)

Please God, take away all the obstacles and bad things that keep happening. Please send me your blessings so that I can go back to school and get a good job. Please help me be free and most importantly please help my grandmother in her recovery.

She has suffered so much already, why does her situation keep getting worse? She is an amazing woman, she only deserves great things. Please dear Lord, don’t allow anything bad to happen to my family and me. Also, please protect those around me. I pray for my friend’s brother.

Please keep him in the highest place in heaven and enlighten those that make wrong choices in life that affect the lives of others. So many innocent people that I’ve seen die because people don’t understand the dangers of drinking and doing drugs while driving. Please God, help us all.

We are very vulnerable in this world and without your mercy there is nothing that we can do. Bring us happiness, health, peace and prosperity. Bless those in this prayer as well as those that read this. Make our lives better because without you, we don’t know where to go. Help us find the way to a bring and meaningful future.