Prayer for God to soften her heart and lead her to me

by Jamie ()

Almighty Father God, I come humbly, yet boldy and full of faith before you in the omnipotent authority of the name of Your only begotten Son the Living, Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

You know my heart’s desire before I speak or type it Lord. Help me to place you as the ultimate love above all others in my life and being. But oh Father you know how my heart longs and beats for Tamara, Father!

For You know the love I have for her came upon me unexpectedly & unexplainably, an admiration of her soul, a connection beyond the physical Father and that it is pure and true. Despite the difference in years God you know both our hearts in this matter. Have mercy upon me and lead and soften her heart to open up to me God and to not be so harsh or scared of me confessing my love to her though we barely know one another, yet I feel I’ve known her my while life!

Oh Holy Spirit only You can understand that. I know and believe you led us to meet. You we’re there that night our eyes locked, even if at the moment it was physical attraction alone.

Father, if You hardened Pharohs heart Lord, surely You are able to soften hers and show her the truth of my love, if, it is Your will. I long for her as the night does the day and the wolf howls to the moon , as a dying man in the desert thirsts for water! Oh God You almighty Creator know that I would love me and choose her over any other woman in the world! Father God surely You would not allow me to feel such a love and passion for her for it to know to fully blossom? For You are not cruel and I did not choose these feelings as they just simply are, an undeniable radiant warmth and feeling of completion in my chest!

How I thank and glorify You oh God for simply having made her! That you dare to bless me with having met her in this life, that she exists is a testament to Your glory alone to me Father!

Above all Lord, let Your will be done. And cover and her loved ones with all of Heaven’s protection and bless her every heartbeat, foot step, breath, and endeavor that is just for all eternity. Wrap Your arms around her though I cannot Lord.

May Your name be praised and glorified forever! Hallelujah!

In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and in the name and blood of the Living, Risen Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen and Amen!

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  1. Father ,If it’s your will!

    Lord, this man loves this woman and if it’s not an inappropriate age difference, grant his prayer request .There is nothing too hard for you , Lord. In your loving son Jesus name. Amen

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