Prayer for God to save my family

by Patricia Coleman (Winchester, Ky)

Father God,

I have sent up so many prayers for my brother Arthur — he is so depressed and confused and struggling with addiction to pain pills. After the death tragic death of his fianc last year. You have walked with us all and given me your words before. I thank you and praise you. I’m weak and worried, forgive me and be my strength. We have lifted him up so many times. He is hurting and we are all hurting for him. Please have mercy on him and have mercy on our family — for all our sins. I pray in Jesus name to release Arthur from the enemy’s attacks — to release us all. Cover us all in your protection and great mercy and grace. Dear Jesus – please Meet Him where He is and get through to him — I ask that he will get help and draw close to YOU.
I love you and praise you!

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