prayer for GOD to help mi bring back my boyfriend(Ocen Andrew moses) to gorgive me and love me a gain

Dear GOD

u can see my heart am sorry for my mistakes i hurt my boyfriend alot he was a perfect person who loved me and wanted a fruitful future for me.
I love him alot and i want to get married to him but he has broken up with me and he wants nothing to do with me now his fade up. I acknowledge my mistakes and promise never to repeat them again.
For three and half years we inspired alot of people to love and settle down i believe there is nothing impossible to you you can bring him back to me the way you miraculously brought him in my life
I promise to be a role model to mt society in exchange for my prayer LORD
Please soften his heart to forgive me and love me again.
I believe you can move mountains and this is nothing compared to the miracles you can do
I trust you are going to answer my prayers and bless us for many many mire years till our death when we are together as one.

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