Prayer for God to Help Me in My Financial Problems

Please God Almighty,

You see my sins. You see my all needs.. You see my all mistakes. My all bad things… Please I beg you to don`t watch those when you watch me with my financial hell.. It`s getting stronger to brake my life totally.. I please pray Your total forgiven with my money problems and my money sins that i have done.. Give me total forgiven and I please ask your help to win money 25000 euro.

I need you God. See my faith when I just put 7euro money for 7 day money game. 7 is your number God. I done it with faith and trust. You see in to my heart. You see that I was have much faith in You when I wrote that 7 euro money game.. No I beg you my God. Please be merficul with my all sins and forgive me my all bad things.. And give me wisdom and love and understanding. And be full helpful to release me out of all those money games and let me have that one win, 25000 euro. That is all that i need to fix my all problems with money. You see I don`t need millions. I don`t need hundred thousands. I just need that 25000 euro to fix my problems.. I pray You my God. Please give me possibility to get that before Christmas 2012… Before Your Holy Celebrating Day… Please have allway merciful and loving and perfect… You have all the kingdom, all the glory and all the power in eternally, forever and ever… Please let me have that Christmas give from your Eternal world..

Thank You God. You can fix all the financial problems.. I also beg You to help all that are praying in this page. Let them have all possibility to see your healing power and healing mercy… and healing help with money problems and all financial problems.. Give me wisdom with money using.. Give me much much wisdom.

You are all-powerful. So I pray only You almighty God. You only can let that miracle happen… So please God in your holy Son Jesus name… Please God. Like you transformed water to wine.. You can do this miracle from bottle of water to money.. You have all power and all the glory… Thank YOU. You Have allmighty power.


I also pray for one my near person.. She have cancer.. Please heal that cancer totally. Heal it totally totally and give her much much life time more… Thank You. You have all power.

Amen in Jesus healing name.

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