Prayer for God to Help Me Bring Her Back

by Denis (Croatia)

Dear God, I’m talking to you every day, I am a sinner, but deep down inside i have a warm heart. The love is what i seek all of my life, true love. Sometimes I’m angry of you, angry of myself, of the things i didn’t accomplish..

I don’t wish for wealth, i don’t wish for health. My only wish is her. I want my love back. I Want Ana back. Maybe it’s not your will, maybe i’m unworthy but it’s the only thing in the world i truly desire..
Help me somehow, find a way, it’s been few months and i’m still here, hoping for my greatest love to come back, to love me again.
She is not perfect, but in my eyes she means the world to me..
mend her heart, bond her with me dear God, it’s my last hope..
I love her , I love her so much. I did everything in my power, it’s up to you God.. I know you can help, there are no others for me, no other God but you, and no other women but her. She knows how much i care for her.

JUst grant me this wish please, i beg you from the deepest depths of my heart and soul, there is nothing in the world i want more.

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