Prayer for God to heal each us & our Marriage

(Midwest )

First of all I ask for God’s forgiveness for the sin of laziness did not listen to my wife’s heart. I asked for forgiveness for my wife for her lying and unfaithfulness in the same for me for my lusting for other women in my mind. God has shown me the right way and I pray that he shows my wife the right way. I pray that God will turn us back to Him & then to each other and be fully committed to the Covenant of our marriage. I ask that my wife Desi would see God, hear God and follow God.

Remove the scales from our eyes and may we be fully devoted to God and may make our marriage better than new. Not like it was before, but much better and for the protection of our great family. We will sing God’s praises! I ask this in Jesus name because I believe it to be His will. Amen!

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