prayer for god to guide me

dear god, i feel lost and alone for some many years now. i cannot trust anyone around me and i am afraid to me alone for all my life. do not leave me alone god. i am tired of being afraid and crying all the time.

i cannot find someone to talk to, i feel like everyone want to harm me and i dont know how to get out of this situation. i cannot trust myself. i am so afraid of making the same mistakes.i have never had a girlfriend and i am so afraid that i cannot find someone i can trust.

everything seem so complicated. i turn to you lord. do let me live a second of my life without you! i need you. forgive me for trying to figure it out on my own. i am so tired lord. i always do my best in all i do. yet i am so sad and lost. please guide lord. do not let me down. please guide me.

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