Prayer for God to give me the strength

by Maggie (Tacoma)

God, I do not know if it your will that my husband and I survive this marriage. If it is your will then please help us find our way back to a path that will once again converge.

If it your will that we are done, then please give me the strength to let go with dignity, compassion, and accept my prayer that he find what he is looking for. Circumstances have taken his confidence from him and a car accident has taken from me the ability to protect him from the world.

I thought we had more after 30 years. I pray every day that I can be myself again and that he will see me in me again; and that I will see him in him again. It hurts to watch him walk past me, so please God, Thy Will Be Done so we can both stop hurting each other.

I love him and would rather let him go than stay until he hates me. Our time together deserves more than that, not to be dragged down until all meaning is lost.