Prayer for God to come through for my family

by Faith (Zimbabwe)

Dear God

As l write to you God my heart sobs and bleeds with pain. l cant even utter a single word because my heart is sorrowful.

Lord you are God!You are my anchor!My fotress and my banner. You are the Most High and there is no one else that compares to you Lord.

Lord l come before with a repent heart for you know me. Lord Forgive all my inequities and wash me clean with your blood.

For 4 years since l got married, l have prayed for a child…and Lord l know you to be faithful God who will grant me the desires of my heart.

My husband is jobless and its as if our life is stagnant. The more we tithe and pray the more we are hit by misfortune. God why have you forsaken me?? Lord where l have done wrong forgive me for l can no longer survive your wrath.

God come through for my family. Heal my wounded heart and give me a new song in my heart.

You are a loving and faithful God, and you have said so in your word. My trust and hope is in you.