Prayer for God to bring us back together

by Lee (Louisa,KY)

Please pray that the Lord will soften my ex-girlfriends heart and open her mind to communicating with me again. I haven’t spoken to her since Dec. 16 and a merry Christmas message I left went unreturned. For some reason, her attitude toward me abruptly changed. I know that God can be working behind the scenes to turn these circumstances around.

She and I went through a traumatic shooting together in 2010. Both of us were shot by an intruder at her home, her once, myself 4 times. God gave me a miracle on that day by allowing me to live when I should have bled to death. My ex was there throughout my recovery in the hospital and at home. For the past year and a half we dated regularly.

I feel a strong connection to her due to the experiences we shared. We met initially all the way back in 1995 at a small college we attended. I feel God placed her back in my life in 2010 for a reason. Please pray for here and her two children that God might watch over them all. I love her.