Prayer for getting out of debt

Dear Lord, I never wanted a lot in my life with wealthy buying power when I was single. Lord you have blessed me with the best wife a man can have in his life. I have a beautiful daughter who is 6 years old. I have a son that is in your watch up in heaven.

I made mistake in my life with credit cards that I thought were to keep my family happy. I do not know how to ask for help with a prayer but I need help to pay back what I owe. I know dear Lord there are a lot worse people in this world that need your help with money,help with sickness that I’m greedy asking for help when I have a job and can make it without spending like me and my family does in our lives.

I am not praying for a huge sum of money on the lottery, but a nice amount to help pay back what we owe and to help families get back on their feet. Dear Lord I’m praying that you help us win the lottery. I ask this in jesus name AMEN.

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