Prayer for getting out of debt

by John (Philippines)

Dear Heavenly Father, my God, Jesus Christ my lord and savior, Mother Mary, first I pray for all the souls who needs your help the most that may they be released from their illness and be eternally blessed.

Second, I pray for us your children who needs financial help from above, that may we be released from our debts and get out of stress.

I pray dear Lord for your help, I’m in debt of more than a hundred thousand and I need to pay at least half in two days. All of this is because of a simple mistake that lead to a huge problem. Now I’m facing my own challenge and I don’t want to give up on it, Heavenly Father I’ll stay strong since I know that you’ll never leave me alone. I have no other choice my Lord but to ask help from you. I don’t want to hide no more. I want to keep a good relationship with those kind persons to whom I have owed them money and I want to keep their trust oh Lord.

Almighty God, I don’t know what to do, I’m so much pressured and you are my only hope left. I’m out of reasons and I’m so much stressed. Father, I surrender my all to you. I have nothing but you. Enlighten me Lord Jesus, direct me to your path.

Lord God, mother Mary, I beg of your help to get me out of debt and give me another chance to live my life out of debts and start a better life. Please Lord God, listen to my prayer. I believe in you.

Almighty Father, My lord and savior Jesus Christ and Blessed Mother Mary and all the angels and saints. Help me please. I know nothing is impossible to you.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

*** Readers, help me pray to our Lord and I hope this prayer may also be of great use to others. Let’s all believe in him. Jesus is the one.

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