Prayer for getting my ex boyfriend back

Dear God I really want my ex boyfriend back I love him very much. He took good care of me and his personality was the best. He was always there for me and he was with me through everything. But suddenly he started loosing feelings for me and he started acting distant.

He knew I still wanted him but then he started being mean and started acting like a totally different person. Please God please bring my old loving caring boyfriend back to me. May his heart and mind always be filled with me let him have beautiful dreams about me and let him remember all the good times we had together. Let him love me again please. I’ll take good care of him for the rest of my life.

May us be with each other for the rest of our lives. Please God answer my prayer I pray everyday every hour because I know God won’t give up on me I trust in God. I’m sorry for all my sins and everything I ever did wrong please forgive me and bless me.

Please bring him back to me I want to be his gf again God if you’re hearing my prayer please make him start talking to me soon please God I beg you I really want more than just a relationship I want to be his wife and be with him the rest of my life.

If you’re not going to give him back to me please just take my life because without him I’m a body without spirit.The pain I’m going through is seriously equal to a death of a loved one. I know that God will give him back to me because God gave him to me in the first place.

Please God I’m only asking you for one thing let me be with him as his gf and then wife for the rest of my life. Thank you for listening to my prayer.

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