Prayer for Getting My Ex-Boyfriend Back 2

by Jakarra (Atlanta)

Dear Lord ,

So You Know I Have This Guy That I Love Soo Much . Yeaa You Know Him, . I Really Wanna Be With Him Again . I Wish We Could Start Back Over And Get Back Together . I Hope He Messages Me Today So We Can Talk But Anyway Lord I Want Us To Have A Heart To Heart Talk Just For Once So I Can Know How He Really Feels About Me .

My Mind Let Him Go But My Heart Wont Let Him Go . Its Just So Weird To Me . Lord I Need Him Back , I Want To Be His Everything & Love Me Again . Lord I Thank You For Bringing A Great Guy Like him In My Life , He’s Everything I Ever Want In My Life & I Want Him Back .

Lord I Need You To Show Him That These Other Girls Don’t Care For Him Like Me . Please Lord Hear Me I Need You To Help Me Get Him Back Into My Life
Amen .