Prayer for getting good clients, projects, employees for business

Dear Jesus,

My husband is doing business for more than 2 years. But in these years he has lost many things. Still now he couldn’t gain any profit because of not getting good life time projects from good clients and also good employees. Please forgive the sins of my husband. He loves you Jesus. Please give him salvation and also bless his business in front of his friends and relatives. Please uplift his company’s name and his name in the name of Jesus. Bless him throughout his life. Bless his marriage life also Jesus. Please make him to come to church along with me and also pray with me. You have made us to get united in this world as husband and wife and thank you so much for your blessings. Please help us to grow in your love. Please make his life peaceful and happy and also bless us to get beautiful children in the future. Thank you for your blessings for my prayer Jesus.

Praise the lord and glory to my lord Jesus.

Yours lovingly,
Mr and Mrs. AnandLakshmi

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