Prayer for getting back with my ex and best friend

by Phelix Wamala (Randolph, MA USA)

Lord i know i have messed up a lot of times. I know i’m not perfect and maybe i don’t deserve another chance but please am begging you please help me. I know i don’t pray a lot either and i should not come to you only in my time of need. I am truly sorry and i beg for forgiveness. God if your listening, please help me get back with her. I know I’m young but i truly do love this girl. I promise to do better, i know she has to focus on school, she stress easily and i haven’t been making things easier on her and she hasn’t made it easy on me but i know with your help we can get over anything. Sleeping has gotten hard, waking up even harder. My whole world just crumbled and i don’t know what to do. I’m trying to stay as positive as i can, thinking that maybe when she comes home for break we can talk and get back. I’m also filled with doubt that maybe things will never workout and we won’t get back and i have lost her for good. Please God let that not be true. Give me, give us another chance. I’m begging you father please. Help me, please grant me this.

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