Prayer for getting back my loved one.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

I am in a lot of pain. The man I love does not want to be with me. Jesus, I know there is something still left between us. You have always guided me. I promised You that I will love him till my last breath and I still do. But because of some situations my faith and hope is fading away. Lord Jesus, please bring back my loved one to me.

You know nobody else can love and treat him the way I do. You have given me the vision to hold on to this love. Lord Jesus, I will never give up on us. But I do fall weak. I am mere human. Please bring him back to me. I am so longing to see his face and talk to him and hold him. Please renew that love which is in between him and me.

I know it is lost for now but nothing is impossible in your hands. I am begging, kneeling and praying for him each day. Lord Jesus, You are my Best Friend. Please hear my plea and bring him back to me. Make us one and keep our love in Your Likeness and Care. I need You. Bring him back to me. Make us love each other as You do. Help me, Lord Jesus.

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