Prayer for Getting accepted into a School.

by Austin (Massachusetts)

I applied to a catholic high school when I was in 8th grade, got accepted, and was looking forward to going but right before school started my dad withdrew me.. He withdrew me because he said we actually “couldn’t afford it” but we really could of. Since then I have been attending a bad public school.

I don’t like it at my public school and I am just never happy. I made a mistake at my current school and now basically all of my friends don’t like me anymore because of it. I have really lost hope and I just wanted to leave. So I applied to that other school again because if I got in my parents said I could definitely go.

I applied and I got a response saying I am on the waiting list.

To this day I have been on the waiting list for a month and I’m hoping and praying that someone will leave and that I will be accepted into this school sometime this summer. I want this more than anything else in the world. I have more friends at this other school and it would just be a better overall expierance for me.

I ask that you pray for me that someone will leave the freshmen class so that I will be accepted this summer. I really need this more than anything else. Thank you, and may god bless your souls.