Prayer for get out of financial hardship, save our home and healing

by Choo (Tracy, CA, United States)

Dear my Almighty Father God and the Lord Jesus, thank you for your daily protection and wisdom. I come to you to ask for help for me and my family as we are struggling through these difficult times. As you know, we have been troubled in our own mistakes financially and extremely hardship. We have so much debts, loans and amounted bills that over past due including our home if this critical situation is not solved urgently. Lord, please forgive our misjudgment and our sins and we are trying our best to manage our situation. Lord please also help Bernat gets access to his accounts so he can pay us back his debts who also has been extremely financial hardship due to this critical situation and he also needs to care for his minor daughter.

Please Lord Help him to receive his important complete documents from South Africa needed to get accessed for his accounts requested by his bank immediately early next week and do not delay further as his situation is extremely urgent. Also Lord, please do not let the iniquitous of the wickedness robbed his completed project payment in South Africa in trust account which has not being release and get his payment release as soon as possible. Please bond any devil plot of the enemy off of Bernats finances, his project payment and our finances and remove any stumbling block in Bernat’s way and our way. Lord please also blesses Jonas Anthony Alexander financially so he is able to care for his minor daughter and heal his paralysis so he is able to walk and get a full time employment to care for his minor daughter too. Lord please helps us all to overcome our financial hardship issues that burden us, save our home so we have roof on our heads for my family. Lord we all need your almighty power to sort out Bernat, Jonas and us in our financial extremely hardship situations. Give options and opportunities to come and most of all the grace of our Lord to be given to us in this critical situation so we are out from this extremely critical situation in the name of Jesus, Amen