Prayer for funding for our food pantry

Dear Lord, You know that for nearly 8 years we have fed those in need. Today we are struggling to continue this mission. Grants are becoming harder and harder to get, yet the utility bills and insurance bills and wages keep coming in. Right now I do not know if we will make it past the end of the month.

You know there was a major grantor that was supposed to make a decision on Jun 25. If they had kept to their deadline, and if we had gotten that grant, we would be okay. But they postponed their decision indefinitely.

We pray today that the grantor will finally decide and that we will be one of their grantees. And that the other grants that have been awarded to us will be paid speedily, and that we will find other donors and grantors so that we can continue to help those in need. May God’s will be done.

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