prayer for full time teaching job

by Yolanda (Texas)


I thank you for your love and mercy on all teachers today who are looking for full time employment. I believe in my heart that you planted the seed of desire to teach, although finding a full time teaching position has proven to be extremely competitive and difficult.

I trust in you that the doors that have not been opened is you protecting me from a situation that was not best for me. Please forgive me when I wallow in self pity, and give me strength to march on with confidence that your will is better than my own will. I ask you to help me look to you as I continue to wait for your will. Help me to serve you and love others and bring me out of this depression of hopelessness.

May your will always be done in my life without feelings of despair. I so desperately want to live my life positive and peacefully. I pray to you Lord that peace enter my heart as I wait on you.

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