Prayer for full intervention, protection and miraculous healing

by Deb (Bibb, GA)

Dear Lord Jesus,

You know me. You know my son, Daniel. You know my live for him is great, though your love for each of us be the greatest. You knows every single one of his struggles and troubles at this time. You know more than I know.

I believe in your miracles, Jesus, and he believes in you and loves you. I ask not if you can, for I know you are capable of all things, known, and unknown, conceived, and inconceivable. I ask if you WILL go to him in this great hour of need and despair. Speak to him as only you can, in a way that he can hear and know it is your loving word, and hence listen.

I pray that you intervene in this treacherous time, guide him, protect him, steer him in the right direction, let him know that you are with him always and love him so much, as does his family. Let him know he is better than all of this, and that he can and shall rise above this with your steadfast love, protection and guidance leading the way.

Let him know that no natter what has happened, he is still one of your coveted sheep, and your Plan for his life us still intact. Finally, I humbly come before you and ask not for little things, but for great and wonderous things, just as you taught us to do. I ask you to heal him, completely in all aspects -physically, spiritually, mentally, and that you cast out this moment the demons that have tormented him for so long in such a short life.

I ask this be done in Christ’s beloved name, and that he seek to follow you and know you better all the rest of the days of his life. For this is the greatest desire of a mother’s broken heart. Bless you, my Savior for all you have done and continue to do to comfort us all. “Thy will be done.”

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