Prayer for friendship to become more

by Tom (New Yorl)

Dear Lord I met someone two years ago and became friends with her because she was very troubled with drugs and alcohol. I watched over her the last two years as her problems became worse. She became a heroin addict and almost died. I swore to be that positive influence in her life and I became that. We grew very close over the last two years and I started to grow feelings for her. Back in May her liver failed and was diagnosed with Hep C and that still hasn’t stopped my feelings and lover for her. The last four moths we have gotten extremely close for each other and I have fallen in love. My best friend is the girl of my dreams and she deserves good in her life. I pray every night for her because she means everything to me. One day Lord I believe we will be together and hopefully you can guide is into each other hearts. She deserves love and I treat her better then any guy before . Please lord help us find that true love and happiness and I will be forever grateful. My prayers won’t stop for her and I’ll always be there for her. Lord thank you for listening and please help us find love so we no longer have to hurt

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