prayer for friendship break

by Nicola (England)

Tonight a friendship ended over trivia. For several weeks I’ve been used as a convenience my bul.erabilitu attacked. The last straw came when my husband was bit by her dog and is out of control.I tried to make gentle suggestion

Natalie is 23 icing with a man of 18yrs her senior. He has children from.another relationship and things are not right. She drinks a lot smiles and has nofocus
She’s very rude swears at people

Tonight would not listen removed me of facebook and whatsapp ourcfriendsjip ended
I was saddened butbi ask prayers for thosean as lost clearly on the womb relationship but got be her judge

I care and always will and sad things went in the way they did.

I pray blessings into this lady’s life.

She’s lost angry has no focis in life and in ireland swearing is exceptable and ridicule olin England it isn’t

I bless this lady

Please pray she stops sinning and gor puts her when he wants her

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