Prayer For Friendship and Reunion

by Lafayette (United States)

Dear Lord,

Your most righteous name I speak in the name of love and friendship. My dear friend, Janice and I have been engulfed in a most horrible fight. I have made apologies to her time and time again, and yet there are still tensions between us. For many days, my soul has been tormented by heartbreak, fear, depression, loneliness, and even nightmares.

I could not even sob to release my misery as I so desired. Janice is a great person, and I am grateful that she has been bought into my life. She is a person who understands who and what I am. When You, the heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, the creator of all things gave me this wonderful friend, I learned a lesson of great value. Janice has changed my life, and friends with such power can only come once in a lifetime. I cannot bear the thought of losing such a good person.

I love her with all my heart, and I cannot stand the thought of leaving her to burn in Satan’s grasp. I see that anger solves nothing, and that it is only pain. It will consume the soul if you allow it to. The friend You gave me is a gift from You too precious for me to lose. I cannot put a stop to this. So I pray with all my heart, Lord, end this era of pain and fury.

Free us both from our suffering. Free us both from the sinful grasp of the Devil and bring us back in each others’ arms, and in the arms of You, our God. Free Janice of the confusion in her heart, and reunite us now and forever, so that we may forever be protected by You and the Shepherd as we rise to Heaven.

I pray, in this most dark of hours, that we shall be reunited as brother and sister in arms, delivered from the Devil’s influence for all of eternity. In the name of love and friendship I pray, and in the name of the Lord and the Shepherd. Amen.