Prayer for friends & relationships

by Melanie (London)

Dear Father,

You know my story. Right now I feel so lonely, alienated and like an outcast. I have no friends in my class at my new college so in lesson times I will often sit on a table on my own and struggle to find a group for group work. I dread break times and getting to school early because I know I’ll have to be own my own so I often just walk up and down by myself and stay in the toilet alone to kill time.

I have 1 friend @ college who I hang around with but I feel like a burden on her because I’m always asking her to stay with me, everyone else seems to be enjoying their time here BUT me father and being an only child I come home to even more loneliness. Dear God please bring some friends into my life I don’t like being lonely and I should be enjoying college pleas Father I need you this is really getting me down I’m only 16 and theirs only so much I can take, I often cry to myself and I don’t want to be like this anymore. Jesus I believe in you work your power please Lord. Amen

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  1. Praying for you

    Melanie – There is no worse feeling than to feel completely alone, but know that you are never truly alone. He heals the broken hearted and binds all our wounds. I pray that God surrounds you with his love, and that this love is also shown to you in the love of other people. I pray that you experience God’s presence, comfort, and peace in your life, and that you move confidently within the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Christ’s Name, I makd this prayer.

  2. frends and relationship

    DeaR Mellanie,

    I am so sorry that you feel so lonely. Are you a member of a church??? If not… join a ‘church’ you could meet some good friendly people.There are also some ‘christian’ youth organisations where you could meet people in your age group and get involved in alot of activities ect. Remember that even though you feel alone ‘JESUS’ is always with you.

    God Bless You

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