Prayer for forgiveness

by Christina (Youngstown,Ohio)

A couple days ago i was in a minor car accident and at the time the person i rear ended and the officer that came on scene talked us out of making a crash report because there was hardly any damage . At the time i had lots of anxiety going on and was having feelings of fear. I dont do well with law enforcement . A couple days later the officer called and said that i needed to come down and give a voluntary statement . I gave my statement of what happened and the officer said i was lying to him and is now trying to charge me with lying to an official. I ask you guys to please pray for me that the charge is dismissed . Please i have three children and i am the only one working in the home. We are on the verge of losing everything and if im taking to jail my kids will be left with no one. I am adking to please have prayer for my family. I go thursday for my arraingment . I ask for your prayer to look over my family that things get better and that all the officials in my case have god in their heart.

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