Prayer for Forgiveness


Father I ask for you to give me strength and guidance in my marriage. Please forgive me for my sins by doing my husband wrong in my marriage. I ask that you give him strength so he can overcome his alcoholism and help him to forgive what I’ve done. He says he has but I know he hasn’t. Help him speak kind words.

Give me patience and understanding as he heals through this in his own way even if sometimes he is very loud and rude. I beg of you to give he belief that I am truly sorry and that I only want him. I have made horrible mistakes and have learned from them.

My family is the most is important to me and that won’t ever change. I am scared that my husband can’t truly forgive therefor not really allowing an honest attempt at rebuilding our marriage. PLEASE BLESS US WITH THESE REQUESTS I BEG OF YOU FATHER……. INJ AMEN!

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