Prayer for forgiveness, understanding, and second chances

I ask for the lord to help me by helping the person or persons involved, that are trying to sabotage my job.

I know that my own stupidity was involved, and things that I did, so I ask for forgiveness for my own mishaps. But for the ones involved in trying to hurt me, please help them. Help them see the pain they are bringing upon me.

Help them realize that two wrongs do not make one right. Help them overcome their anger, their hurt, and their need to revenge. I ask for all the prayers to see me through this difficult time in my life. Having a full plate, with a very sick parent, possibly dieing, please with the power of prayers and Gods love, help me get through this. But mostly,let the people involved see things in a different light. Let God shine a light upon them and help,them in making the right decision.

Thank you for being there.

yours truly desperate mother, and hopeful for Gods help.
God Bless everyone in despair.

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