Prayer for forgiveness, to regain trust and rebuild our friendship

by Richard (North Carolina)

Dear Lord,

Forgive me for I have sinned! I have hurt my friend several times with angry words and i have broken her trust by snooping. I really care for her and she is very important to me. I am sorrowful for causing her pain, stress and anguish and need you strength and guidance to lead me in your grace to do better as a friend.

Please help heal the broken ties between us and let us rekindle our friendship to be better and stronger than before and grow with your grace and guidance. Help us show love, compassion and kindness to one another and be two to weather any storm we may face.

Show her mercy and forgiveness in her heart and mind for the transgressions I have committed and strength to help us move forward with your grace and Almighty forgiveness.
These things i ask You Lord, in Your Almighty Name, Our Heavenly Father!

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