Prayer for Forgiveness, Strength, Hope & Serenity

by Risse (USA)

Dear Lord, I pray for forgiveness. I know I hurt my soon to be ex by requesting a divorce, but I couldn’t take another day of unhappiness that I’ve suffered through the years. I live with the guilt of hurting him and I am eternally sorry. I pray for strength. Starting over from scratch on my own in a different state is scary.

I am not young of age, but I am just as fearful of being on my own with a support system so far away. I pray for hope. That my divorce will be granted quickly without inflicting anymore unnecessary pain on either one of us. I also pray that he allows me to remove my personal property without destruction or malice because he hates me so. I pray for serenity.

The fear I carry with me is crippling. Please Lord, hear my prayer. Help remove the negativity from my life and surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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