Prayer for forgiveness, reconciliation, and to save our relationship.

by K (IL)

Dear Lord I need your help right now. Please help to fix the relationship between my girlfriend and I. I know it is entirely my fault for doing things I shouldn’t have done (You know what they are), but please help me to get another chance and for her to not give up on me or us. I messed up, but would never do those things to her again. Please help me to ensure I don’t do this again either. I never have and never would hit or do anything violent or physical to her no matter what she says or does to me. so you know this is more about the selfish actions that I took. Please forgive me oh Lord. Please soften her heart to forgive me, no longer be in pain or hurt, and to be happy and loving with me again. Please also help me to be good and not do this to her again. thank you God. Amen.