Prayer for forgiveness, peace , harmony, love, togetherness as a family.

by SA ()

Lord father this is the day I lost my mother . 12 November 2019. It feel so fresh and real today. In her memory and all my love ones memory, my father, my first husband, my brother I pray for peace in my family. They advocated for forgiveness, peace, harmony and love. My their soul continues to be with you father for ever and ever. I know they are with you in haven , seated on your right hand with Jesus. May their memories of being good citizens of this earthly world teach as to be good and forgiving for eternity life as they did . My we walk in the light knowing the eternal reward your saint are enjoying after the pass over life of eternity where will die no more. We know they are not dead but living with you. As I struggle with my siblings, our children, my husband, my husband and my siblings and their children, my daughter and my husband Lord father intervene and make peace amongst us. Send your Holy Spirit to refresh and change us from within outside. Holy Spirit intercede for us today and bring healing and spirit of forgiveness. There is a lot of anger, UN forgiveness. hate and hatefully words and thoughts dominate our daily life. We do not have peace, love. We are full of anger and a powerful want to revenge. We are wounded by self ego of dominance to one another. Lord God the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit My family is in chain, in prison of hate against each other. Jealousy and hypocrisy dominate our life. Heal our life, teach us a to forgive and leave in harmony as one family. My mother tried to instill forgiveness, love, happiness,,giving, sharing , living in peace with one another family which live together and watch over each other, to pray and be prayer full , worship and surrender everything to you God and knowing that you are there with us all the time. To seek you will in this earth and preserve our eternal life now while we are still on earth. Our Father who art in Heaven today in her memory I pray for my family, pray for peace, pray for harmony, I pray for forgiveness, I pray to be forgiven, I pray for healing. Father let the fights , hate, anger , especially amongst my siblings, my husband and my siblings, my husband and my daughter, my husband and my self. Heal our relationship, let there be peace, let there be love, caring and forgiveness. Pray that today be a new day . This day the 12 Nov 2020 as we remember the passing of my mother who stand for love and forgiveness until her last breath, Father in the name of Jesus be with us as her family , feel as afresh with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. Make us to be like Jesus , to be prayerful, to love your ways and hate our ways, to forgive and be forgiven. Change our hearts to the hearts which love your ways and do good to others. Make us a your vessel of love where there is no love, forgiveness where there is no forgiveness , make us prayer full not lukewarm, to hate sin and sin no more. Teach and show us the right way. Let us be the family who prayers together. Father In the name of Jesus bless my family, forgive us and make us holly . Where we are unable you are able. Where is impossible for us is possible for you, where is 1000 days for us , is one day for you. We love you God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit , the Spirit of truest. Thank you for today and for tomorrow and forever and ever in Jesus name our Lord and Savior. Amen and Amen . Thank you Lord for the prayer warriors, your Saints who are praying with me right now, who prayed with me before and pray with me and for us in the future. Thank you for Jesus Christ intercession and the Holy Spirit who prays for us daily as we can not pray but pray for us as he knows what to pray for. Thank father , they kingdom come upon them and bless them . Amen

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