Prayer for Forgiveness, Peace, Blessings and Change in my life.

by Vance (Goa, India)

Please pray for me and ask Lord Jesus to forgive me for all the wrong and evil I have done, touch me and change my life Lord… Help me to be humble and a good man!! Take away all my pride, anger, jealousy, hatred, frustration, lust and anxiety…

Bless me with patience and wisdom to think what is right and take the right decision. Help me Lord and I cry out to you Lord to remove the evil in me and send your Holy Spirit into me and take control over my life. Lord you promised me that you will be my shepherd..

Please Lord save me from the evil and help me from loosing the good things and Loved Ones because of my wrong attitude and hurting them. Bless me financially and help me to get a good job and help me build up my career. Cover me with you precious blood and protect me…

Let your will be done!! Lord i believe in you and I trust in you Jesus, I love you Jesus. Thank you Jesus!!

Vance Vaz
(Goa – India)

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