Prayer for Forgiveness of Our Sins

by Paula (IL)

Dear Lord,

I pray with all my soul please forgive my sins and have mercy on my family, my wonderful kids, my selfless mother, my sick and lost husband.

Please give me power and patience, guide me to overcome all that is going on and keep my sanity for my family.
God, I will forever follow you ! Please bring health and happiness to my loved ones. My children are your children and you know how wonderful they are , please keep them safe and help me be the mother they deserve and need, not a crying sorry for herself broken soul.

Help me be the daughter my mother need, able to be by her side and make her happy, safe.
Even my husband who with his drinking addiction can’t keep a job and we are loosing the house, can’t get a job and keep it, cant’t pay the bills please God give him strength and direction to be a man, for himself and the children, because without you he is lost….in every possible way!

I know how many prayers you hear, but please God if you can help me please as I am in the end of my powers and it is hard to breath, hard to get up in the morning and with your help I know I will be able to survive for my loved once!

Thank you God! Please help the people that are less fortunate and give then hope and strength.


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