Prayer for forgiveness of a terrible sin

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When I was a teenager, I aborted a baby at around 7 weeks. It has haunted me many yrs and I am begging for forgiveness for this horrible sin. I know it has made things difficult in life just by never being confessed and released.

I know that the little soul is up there and I hope that they know if given the chance, I would have never done it again. It makes me cry to think that I rejected a miracle, no matter how un-ready I was.

I pray for forgiveness and that I can be looked at in light once again.

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  1. A Contrite Heart is Forgiven

    Honey, God loves you. If you are sorry, He will forgive you. Just think about the Lord’s Prayer? Just think about the cross? That was the greatest thing He ever did for us His children whom He loves so very deeply. He died on the cross so that we could reconcile ourselves with the Father – with God. God knows your heart. Perhaps you should pray about it. Perhaps He could direct you to do something positive for others? Don’t punish yourself for your sins when they are forgiven. If it is from a contrite heart that you ask for forgiveness, it is given to you. Ask yourself who Jesus hung out with? Read the bible and see for yourself. Never have we seen a more giving, loving and forgiving heart. Join a group at your church. You can do beautiful things in your life with His help. God bless.

  2. I understand how you feel

    I did this not once but TWICE as a youngster. I am now married to a man that cannot father kids. The irony. However I have carried this burden for 20 years until one night I googled and found a prayer. I said it out loud and a weight was lifted from my shoulders IMMEDIATELY. Thank God. Please check it out. It helped me so much and I do not feel the pain I once felt. xxx P.S. I have tried to find it but can’t right now but will post it here when I find the prayer.

  3. It is in the Past

    I have committed more horrible mistakes, and these haunt really bad. I have learnt the very hard way to be careful what I do today so that I do not live in perpetual pain as a mistake of my deeds. That little life you talk about is in heaven back to where he came from. ‘My father in heaven, no amount of words can say how sorry I feel about aborting and killing the little life that you had put in my responsibility, With a humble and contrite heart, I ask your forgiveness my father, have mercy on me I plead with you, let me use my life to serve you from today on, and let me be an instrument to bring healing to wounded hearts and lives. Empower me Lord, fill my heart with Love to share, and put a smile on my face to lighten my day, and all the people I come across today. I love you Lord. Amen.

  4. Forgive

    I pray that you all are forgiven. I also pray that the good lord forgives me too for having an abortion when I was 18 years old. Please forgive us lord. Help us to live righteously and resist temptation every day of our lives.


  5. You still have life to live and live it abundantly

    Dear one,

    We are all sinners in one way or the other. I highly admire you for the fact that you felt guilty about your past mistakes. For some people it is a daily practice and it does not bother them at all.

    The Lord gives us life and gives it to us abundantly. Look at the many terrible sins that were forgiven in the Bible. You were young and naive, and today realise your mistake. Ask God to take away your guilt, and instead use your experience to help others in the same situation and those that may seek your opinion on abortion. You have a big ministry ahead of you, take and run away with it darling. Sometimes he turns our tragedies into Ministry of great triumph. Bless you now and always

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