Prayer for Forgiveness, Mercy, Restoration and Protection

by Donald (USA)

Dear LORD God, so very much has collapsed in my life, in so many different and insurmountable ways in the past two years, that I am certain I am under your Wrath. Your wrath is just and righteous, but LORD I beg you for your great mercy through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Please restore me to your favor, your mercy, your blessing, your PROTECTION and your Providential care. Please protect me and please protect my loved ones from all harm and trouble. Please help us financially for I and they are in very dire straits. Please protect my mom and dad and save and convert them. Please protect my sister and save and convert her.

Please save all my relatives, friends and acquaintances and their families and friends too. Please heal me LORD. Please don’t break me without healing even though you have every cause to do just that. Please give me a wise, honest, righteous and courageous Heart. Please help, Lord, please help. In the holy name of Christ Jesus, Amen.