Prayer for Forgiveness in Shame

by JPA (Mobile, AL)

Lord heavenly father, forgive me for I have sinned not only to you but to my partner as well. Help me father God across this railroad to righteousness. I know better than to harm someone who is strictly about loving me and taking me and my daughter in his life as his own.

Please give me to strength to never turn back and make the same mistakes I did before. Let me be able to lift my head back up after this prayer to know that I am only human and no one is perfect but in Gods eyes I should be. Bless our relationship to grow closer to you in the right way that we should be.

I want to give you my all not just partial but Im waiting on the perfect time, I want to get married to my partner and have kids, own our own home and invest in things that will make us become financially stable. Also, physcially spiritually and emotionally in Love, peace and happiness is all I want our relationship to keep going forth with no more shameful things unmarried sex I want to change all of that . Lord help me to become a better woman and mother to my family. Amen

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