Prayer for forgiveness in christ

by Michael ()

Hi brother/sister in Christ.
My name is Michael I am from India. I have to admit that I have committed and u forgivable sin,
My darkest secret A Taboo[a sex with my own biological sister as well as with a boy which was not so successful I guess but I still admit I sinned against God( I was around 7 to 8 years] , which is an abomination in God’s sight and is unforgivable.. I wonder if I have come to the right place. I am not even a social Guy and this reminding of my sins came to my Conscious mind perhaps last year if I remember correctly. And I Have never ever talked to anyone or anybody about it ever. I’m extremely terrified of what people will say or think so here I am confessing and asking you dear brother or sister in christ far from where I stay to pray for my forgiveness and healing.. So that I may also come to know Grace of God, I did many stupid things as well but this two are the things for which I just cannot forgive myself. I don’t know what I am writing or how I am writing to you. But I really hope you understand me. And also that I may not commit any sexual sin in future..!! I’m sending my prayers now then. And Thank you in advance.. God bless

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