Prayer for Forgiveness, Guidance, Shelter,Deliverance

Dear God,

I am truly seeking your Kingdom and rightousness. Father I beg of you to forgive my Husband and my numerous sins. I am so ashamed of all of my transgressions and I beg your forgivness. I pray that you will break every single chain so we will not be slaves to sin any longer. I pray that you will search our hearts and guide them I pray that you will create in us a new heart longing to serve you and to live your word daily. I pray that you will heal us, and protect us, and bless our family in its entirity. Please God strengthen us where we are weak and please let there be no condemnation for my Husband. We have seen the errors in our ways and we do not wish to live that lifestyle anymore. Please forgive us and speak a word over our circumstances. I pray to You because I have faith in your Love and your Word and I know that you are able. I pray that you will move in our home, move on my job, please move in our lives. You are all we have and I know that you are all we need. I pray that you will place the right people in the right places to be a blessing to us, I pray that we may be a blessing to others as well. We need you God right now. We are your children and you are our Abba Father please hear our cry for help and deliver us. I pray that you will increase our faith, increase our rightousness I pray that you will increase our love and compassion for others. I pray you will increase our wisdom, and knowledge and understanding. I pray also that you will increase our resources , skills and abilities to provide for our family. I ask in Jesus sweet and wonderful name that you will open the flood gates of heaven and pour us out a blessing we won’t have room to receive. In Jesus Holy and All Powerful name I pray.

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