Prayer for forgiveness from Jesus and justice from the court

by Shirley (Odessa, Tx)

My Dearest Jesus I pray that you forgive my son his sins, Keep him strong, protect him against harm, and that the court gives him leniency and a second chance to walk the right path in life. I pray that you guide those who are judging him and that if it is your will that leniency be granted to him. He has a child and I want more than ever dear Jesus for him to be able to raise his child. He allowed discouragement to set him on the wrong path and I believe that he will look at life with a renewed strength as I have seen this in him. Please hear my prayer Lord Jesus.

Please give him strength and peace in his hour of need. He has a true heart and I believe with all my heart that he deserves a second chance. In your name I pray. Amen