Prayer for Forgiveness From Anxiety, Depression and Worry

by Shana (Chicago)

I pray to get past a situation rhat happened to me years ago that I unfortunately have allowed t cause me to live with unforgiveness shame anxiety and anger. I pray that my heart mind and thoughts are open to peace,love and that I can truly forgive people in every sense of the word as Jehovah God forgives me!

The main person I need to forgive is myself for past mistakes and my current situation in life. I need to let go and throw out any fears anxiety and all rhe worry I have daily.I need clarity and strength and I pray for emotional and spiritual and physical healing and wisdom in every area of my life.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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  1. Shana the Lord forgives

    Dear Shana,

    I pray you that you get through this season you are experiencing, I too have experienced self sabotage and extreme guilt from past mistakes. I am a living testimony that Jehovah forgives and forgets all that was done. You will be released from this pain the moment you decide to forgive yourself and let the Lord lead you from this point on. I know you are forgiven and you will never be written out by he that has created you and have been with you all along, during your up and down times. Nothing you have done is a surprise to the Creator above. Let go and Let God takeover,you will feel that heavy weight lifted from your shoulders. Cast your burdens upon him and forgive yourself and don’t look back. You can do all things through him, who gives you strength. May your pain, guilt, frustration, hopelessness, fears, anxiety be released from you today and you give yourself the chance to live the life that Jehovah has already mapped and planned out for you. All things work out for the good of those who loves him.

  2. Faith

    Good morning Shana

    I pray for you this morning

    Jesus hears you and he needs you

    You are a good person

    Please go to church each week

    Even if you are down

    Be patient throw your worries on Jesus

    Shoulders I will do the same this morning

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