Prayer for Forgiveness for Our Relationship

by Angelina (Ghana)

Pls help me plead with God to 4give me and my beloved for doing what is evil in the site of God. Anytime we meet we can’t control our feelings but we never had sex before but we play romance and anytime after this act i fell guilt and ashamed of myself and of God can’t pray, can;t consecrate cos i feel like like have committed a terrible sin against God pls help me pray and ask for forgiveness and God strength me and my beloved

I love him so much, dear God, and for us to be together in love’s purest form is the greatest offering that we could ever give you and the world. Please heal us of both our ‘pathologies’ and personal demons and make us realize that we glorify you and your Love by strengthening this bond and connection that we share, by not taking each other for granted, and by holding on to each other at this most critical of times.

Please, dear God, all my life I’ve searched for this one true, great love and I know deep in my heart and in the serenity of my soul that I have found it in him, my best friend and love. Thank you for the blessings and for the gift of love.